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The O Project Institute is a collaborative educational effort of forward-thinking social entrepreneurs.

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“Empowering personal transformation, collaboration and local actions for global impact! ∞🌎❤️”

Albane Guelorget, Co-Founder

Who We Are

The O Project Institute (TOP Institute) is an education company established in Mexico and addressed globally that is dedicated to positively transforming society through eLearning, personalized consulting and participative activities. We achieve the aforementioned by offering quality educational programs in a variety of pragmatic, yet insightful social impact areas for personal, professional and community development.

The purpose of TOP Institute is to bring a solid foundation to social impact worldwide, while building stronger & better-informed communities for social action and interconnectivity.

What We Do

The O Project AC Foundation, established in Mexico City in 2011 and dedicated to problematizing and implementing on-ground solutions to large-scale issues through collaborative processes and collective actions for social welfare, is the birthplace of TOP Institute, as an institutional entity attuned to forming solid agents of change.

TOP Institute relies on its eLearning platform, an online education solution that offers immersive learning options with video lessons, online quizzes, downloadable files & assets, as well as online certification, seamlessly accessible to desktop and mobile users alike.

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Meet our family of dedicated social entrepreneurs.

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Albane Guelorget

Albane Guelorget

Chief Executive Officer
Alejandra Llano

Alejandra Llano

Chief Marketing Officer